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01 Jan 2015
01 Jan 2018
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@BlueNosePress Jan 17, 14:49

Dr. Rocco Martino does it again with a provocative message! Nothing could be more timely than this "Tsunami" alert…

@BlueNosePress Oct 03, 22:39

Burgoyne & Marcus will appear on FOX Good Day Philadelphia at 8:15am (eastern) on Oct 4th. Visit…

@BlueNosePress Sep 28, 14:01

The Phillie Phanatic living the dream as an author on a book tour. Can you Pheel the Love? (

@BlueNosePress Sep 28, 13:55

The Phillie Phanatic looking good for Sports Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit Edition.

@BlueNosePress Sep 28, 13:44

The Phillie Phanatic at Sports Illustrated in his author's smoking jacket...

@BlueNosePress Sep 28, 13:35

The Phillie Phanatic stopped by Sports Illustrated, so they put him to work. Check out SI_Mag's snapchat, for more

@BlueNosePress Sep 28, 13:30

Sneak peak of the 2017 @si_swimsuit cover shoot

@BlueNosePress Sep 27, 16:20

BlueNose Press announces the release of "Pheel the Love!" It will change your life, your work and your organization.

@BlueNosePress Sep 12, 05:55

Game of the Week should be @SJPrep vs @ArchbishopWood #EaglesShowdown #Wk1G1

@BlueNosePress Sep 11, 13:23

Game of the Week should be @SJPrep vs @ArchbishopWood #EaglesShowdown #Wk1G1

@BlueNosePress Sep 10, 15:38

Game of the Week should be @SJPrep vs @ArchbishopWood #EaglesShowdown #Wk1G1

@BlueNosePress Sep 09, 16:13

Game of the Week should be @SJPrep vs @ArchbishopWood #EaglesShowdown #Wk1G1

@BlueNosePress Sep 09, 03:48

Game of the Week should be @SJPrep vs @ArchbishopWood #EaglesShowdown #Wk1G1

@BlueNosePress May 31, 19:13

Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!

@BlueNosePress Feb 25, 16:40

BlueNose Press just published a book titled "POP" by Domenico Martino.

@BlueNosePress Feb 19, 22:22

Read The Resurrection... by BlueNose Press for the story behind the movie RISEN, that is in theaters now.

@BlueNosePress Feb 17, 17:00

"The Resurrection..." published by BlueNose Press is the catalyst for the movie "Risen", coming out this Friday.

@BlueNosePress Feb 16, 22:02

"I was struck with amazement at The Cross of Victory." "I applaud this victory!" -Rector Emeritus, University of Scranton

@BlueNosePress Feb 11, 14:44

We have expanded our selection. Check out our first Children's Book:

@BlueNosePress Feb 11, 14:37

"The Cross of Victory is thought provoking and spiritually rewarding!" -Professor Emeritus of Theology, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

@BlueNosePress Feb 10, 21:45

"The Cross of Victory is a marvelous book! A complete contextualization of the passion, trial and death of Jesus." -English Prof, Univ of PA

@BlueNosePress Feb 04, 14:34

Read the Press Release about our new published novel:

@BlueNosePress Feb 03, 15:34

Check out the Grand Opening of the BlueNose Press e-Store:

@Brave_Daily Dec 17, 20:25

#Free book, just comment below! - Blog: Fiction as a Means of Apologetics from @Mattcurch of @BlueNosePress

@Dluv17 Dec 04, 19:34

In this month leading up to the birth of our Savior, let us not forget #theresurrection @BlueNosePress

@mattcurch Dec 03, 16:54

Do yourself a favor is you want to write books or read REALLY good ones, follow @BlueNosePress

@byrockymartino Dec 03, 16:54

My publisher just joined Twitter and they are looking for Authors, Partners and Readers. Follow them at @BlueNosePress

@Dluv17 Dec 03, 16:08

Interesting article on private book retailers @BlueNosePress

BlueNose Press,

BlueNose Press was founded to act as a publisher for new authors of realistic fiction and non-fiction books which are in alignment with the company morals.. Books have become more and more expensive as publishers seek to recoup some of their risks and losses in their traditional fiction and nonfiction offerings. New authors have trouble getting large publishing companies to represent their work, and if they are fortunate enough to get published, the royalties are miniscule. In the current economic milieu of publishing, fewer new authors are being published by the large publishing companies. They are finding it extremely difficult to have their works published. BlueNose Press was founded to meet the need for a blue ribbon service, essentially electronic with print-on-demand capabilities, for new authors to utilize. It is the stated intention of BlueNose Press to act as the publisher for new authors of realistic fiction and non-fiction books, which are in alignment with the morals of the company. BlueNose Press provides services to new authors: editing; converting textual material to popular electronic formats; creation of book cover graphics; instantaneous electronic book publication; print-on-demand; and publicity for our authors.

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